Your Favourite Meal of the Day: Why it’s Helpful for Mums to Know

Your Favourite Meal of the Day: Why it’s Helpful for Mums to Know | Border Park Kitchen

Ever since I was a little girl, my favourite meal of the day has been breakfast.

In the ’80s, I remember occasionally eating Goodstart – a multi-grain type of breakfast biscuit. Goodstart was more flavoursome than Weet-Bix and it was special because it was shop-bought (unlike our usual staple, Mum’s homemade muesli — which I’ve adapted and put on my site!).

To give you an idea of just how highly-rated breakfast is for me, it was a part of Josh and my wedding day ♥

We had an early morning ceremony (at 6 a.m.) on the banks of the Darling River, Bourke, followed by a glorious breakfast spread.

As is often the case with brides, I didn’t have much of an appetite that morning, so just nibbled on some fresh fruit. But it was a joy that our wedding guests enjoyed the delicacies!


Josh's and Peri's wedding breakfast, Bourke, NSW, 1998 | Border Park Kitchen


Now you might be thinking – that’s nice you like breakfast, but what’s that got to do with me, and how will it help me?

Knowing what your favourite meal of the day is helps you cook for your family.

This might seem like a bizarre, far-fetched statement, so let me share 2 reasons why I believe it’s important.


#1. Find your value and enjoyment

To begin with, if you’re going to successfully and consistently cook for your family, you have to see the value of it.

You don’t necessarily need to love it, but you have to think it’s important enough to do. Otherwise you won’t do it.

Secondly, it helps enormously if you enjoy what you’re cooking.

If you don’t like something, you are far less likely to do it.

That’s why, as Mums, it’s important to identify our food preferences. Because even though it sounds selfish, knowing this means we can love and serve our family’s more fully.

Think of it like this – 

Knowing what meals you enjoy is a form of self-care. When we become aware of this and act on this knowledge, we’re in a better position to look after others.


#2 We make time for the things we value

You know those people who always seem to have time to bake pies from scratch or make broth or fermented vegies?

Despite how it appears, it’s not that they magically have more time to create in the kitchen.


They make time because they usually love these foods.

They see them as important, worthy of prioritizing time to make. It might be for health reasons, bonding with family while eating them, or unwinding from other stressful tasks.

Whatever it is, these foods are deemed worth spending the time to prepare.

So, bringing this back to your favourite meal — if you value that meal, you’ll set aside time to make it.


What it doesn’t mean

Now, just because it’s your favourite meal of the day it doesn’t mean you have to:

  • Cook daily
  • Make everything from scratch
  • Serve complicated or fancy options
  • Serve something different every day
  • Always be motivated or enjoy the process


That’s not realistic for anyone —let alone a Mama who has a tonne of things on her plate. (This is where leftovers, freezer meals, dry mixes and smart shortcuts come in).

But it does mean that at some point in the week you’ll be intentionally spending time preparing your favourite meal.


What this looks like in action

For me, I like to have something wholesome available for my favourite meal, breakfast (especially as I don’t buy breakfast cereal and toast is kept for occasional treats).

In our household, this might be a breakfast bake that I’ve prepped a few days before, leftovers served in an omelette, or a big jar of Dad’s muesli for those busy mornings.

But to be honest, lately I’ve been relying on a ridiculously simple go-to option. 

I soak a few handfuls of almonds overnight ready to make almond milk for a chia pudding the next morning. (It’s perfect for those days when I’m feeling uninspired or just too tired to fuss).

It doesn’t really matter what the actual dish is.

What does matter is that there is something available for our family to eat for this meal. (This is one reason I’m thankful our kids are fairly capable in the kitchen because we can share the load 😉 )


Determining your favourite meal

I understand that as Mums we give up a lot.

We often share our beds with little people who wake during the night, we hand over that last piece of cake to our youngest, we put the needs of others before our own on a daily basis.

How then, are we supposed to decide (or even remember) what meal we like most, when we’re so used to allowing others first pick?

If you’re not sure what your favourite meal is (or have never given it a thought), here are a few questions to help:

  1. What meal are you least likely to miss?
  2. Which meal is your favourite to prepare for others, or indulge in when dining out?
  3. What time of day do you most enjoy eating?

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a clear winner. If it’s a tossup between two, just choose the meal that feels easiest to you.

Nothing is set in stone. And it’s perfectly OK for you to change your mind.


How to use your newfound knowledge

Have you answered those questions above? Then way to go Mama!

You’ve now determined the meal you most enjoy in the day.

What’s the next step?

  1. Commit to focusing your attention on this meal for the next 14 days. (Bonus tip: Tell a friend or family member what you’re doing. Verbalising it helps your brain take your commitment seriously and you’ll be kept accountable).
  2. Find a handful of recipes you’d like to make for this meal. (Bonus tip: Keep the recipes really simple. The easier they are to prepare, the more likely you’ll do it).
  3. Follow bloggers who focus on your favourite meal. (Bonus tip: Choose Mama bloggers who feature realistic recipes rather than professional chefs or those who make a living from making food look artistic and appealing.)


What if my family aren’t on board with my choice?

As a Mum who strives to lead by example, it’s likely to feel hard and a bit unnerving if your family don’t agree with your choice.

But, we all have different preferences, and that’s OK.

Remember that family members will often follow your lead.

When you’ve found your favourite meal then let them know! Express your excitement at your discovery. Describe in detail why you enjoy that meal (rather than others), and perhaps it will get them thinking about the meals or foods they love to eat.

If you have family members that are old enough to work safely in the kitchen who are still protesting at your choices, respectfully offer for them to share some of the responsibility for preparing that meal. (You might be surprised!). This can ignite an interest in food and cooking, plus loads of other benefits (think happily eating more vegies 😊).


But my favourite meal is dessert – is that OK?

First off, you are not alone. And, yes, of course that’s OK (I have a sweet tooth too!).

In fact, choosing dessert as your favourite meal of the day can set you up to make healthier choices.

Yep, you read that correctly!

When you’re regularly making your own desserts at home, it allows you to easily to make modifications to your favourite treats. (You might try reducing the sugar slightly, or swapping out ice-cream for naturally-sweetened yoghurt).

And if you’re still not convinced, there are experts that argue enjoying your daily dessert is much better for you than stressing about not having it.

So, if you’re a dessert-lover, let go of what you * should * be eating, and instead embrace the joy of your favourite meal!


Like some guidance?

Working through new things can be hard, especially when life doesn’t slow down.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of cooking for your family, I’d love to help.

I offer a free 30-minute Kitchen Clarity Call to help you identify your biggest struggle in the kitchen, and offer ideas from where to go from here.  Get in touch with me to schedule a call.

And if you feel like you’ve got this whole cooking thing down, there’s a budding and ever growing selection of recipes on this site here. Which one do you want to try next?

I’d be interested to hear if it’s from the category of your favourite meal or not. Let me know in the comments below.

Peri x

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