The Surprising Resource that is Most Valuable in Your Kitchen

Most valuable kitchen resource - surprisingly | Border Park Kitchen

You’ve likely heard this well-known saying many times.

The Kitchen – The Heart of the Home

Yes, for families, the kitchen certainly is one of the most frequented rooms of the house.

But I believe this quote needs an addendum in recognition of the person who most often is the faithful resident in this space.

As a Mum:

YOU are the most valuable resource in your kitchen and for your family *

You may scoff at this idea, especially if you’re not confident or don’t enjoy being in the kitchen, but stick with me for a moment.

Many of us are fooled into thinking that we need certain objects for us to successfully feed our families – that these ‘things’ will be a type of kitchen-saviour for us.

How often have you wondered if all your kitchen woes would be solved by having the perfect recipe that all of your family enjoys, a piece of fancy kitchen equipment or a large pantry so you could finally get organised?

Yes, having these things would certainly make your job easier and more enjoyable.

But the truth is, without you, none of these items alone would enable your family to eat. That’s because YOU are the one vital, indispensable element in your kitchen.


The most profound and positive changes in your kitchen will occur when you invest in yourself.

Committing to learning and implementing new ideas, strategies, and techniques, coupled with plenty of experimenting and rediscovering your passion and joy in the kitchen.

My heart is to inspire you to invest in yourself – to help you discover ways to serve your family simple-to-prepare, nourishing foods that strengthen and satisfy them.

I’d love to stand beside you on the journey. Find out how I can support you through my workshops and membership.

Until next time,

Peri x

 * Thanks to Tara Swiger for opening my eyes to this from a business perspective.   

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