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Reigniting Hope, Joy and Inspiration in Time-poor Mums and their Kitchens

Hi, I’m Peri (pronounced as Maree, with a ‘P’) from Border Park Kitchen. I truly am humbled to have you here, and to come alongside you as you reclaim your love and time in the beauty of meal preparation.

Let’s be real – the kitchen is not often associated with feelings of relaxation and energy. Even so, as Mums the kitchen can feel like our second home! Speaking from experience, the hustle and bustle of home life has often come at the cost of enjoying food and the shared experience of joy that it brings.

Just like many of you, my kitchen skills (and patience) have been stretched, my motivation dwindled and to top it off, some epic failures (like not whisking egg yolks before adding them to a sauce – hello big, soggy clumps!), which have at times left me feeling disheartened and uninspired.

Meet Peri McIntosh | Mentor at Border Park Kitchen

"Border Park Kitchen transforms challenges into points of impressive and lasting change"

The McIntosh family from Border Park

It’s easy to feel discouraged and deterred when life gets busy, even when you have a genuine passion for food and the love and connection that it brings. As an 8th-generation farmer, food and cooking have always been a large passion in my life. I’ve been raised by a long line of country cooks, producing wholesome and nourishing meals from fresh ingredients.

Today, my husband Josh and I, along with our 7 beautiful children, run a mixed farming enterprise in the Riverland, South Australia. However, even I wasn’t immune to the juggling act of running a household, home-educating our kids and creating nutritious meals. Adding to the stress, living in rural Australia means that ‘popping to the shops’ to pick up a last-minute meal or ordering takeaway isn’t an option.

Everything about feeding our family needed to be organised – from freezer space and food storage, to meal planning and shopping trips. As a result, I’ve learned simple techniques that honour my time and resources so I can manage our kitchen in a way that’s frugal and healthy. Not just for this week, but for the long-haul.

It’s taken me many years (and more than a few tears) to identify a solution for feeding our family in a way that’s sustainable. I use the very same systems and food hacks that I share with members from the Border Park Kitchen Collective – shortcuts that reduce stress, increase efficiency and most importantly make my time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Eat, Nourish, Grow

Food is a glorious gift. It can do so much more than simply satisfy hunger. It gives energy, vitality, helps us to look younger, lifts our mood and helps us to handle stress more effectively.

On an intrinsic level, food can be such a rich source of connection, service, inspiration and enjoyment. I have so many happy memories of gathering together around the dinner table with family and friends. I can fondly recall the looks of pure delight on my loved ones’ faces as they’ve enjoyed the food I’ve prepared with love. It warms my heart. It fills me with the knowledge that I’ve loved them well. Couldn’t we all enjoy more of these moments and health benefits?

I want to walk this journey with you, side by side as we delve into ways to make the very most of your time in the kitchen. If you’re ready to take the next step, pop your name on the waiting list for my upcoming workshop.

Fun Facts about Peri

  • Savours her early morning herbal tea in her favourite red and white spotty, bone-china mug while reading her Bible and devotion
  • Eats chocolate in some form for breakfast most days
  • Is rarely seen without a scarf (except in summer)
  • Values efficiency and resourcefulness, and can fit more in her dishwasher than the rest of her family can 😉
  • Is happiest browsing in an op shop, or checking the cattle on a ‘date’ with her hubby, Josh.
Fun Facts about Peri McIntosh | Border Park Kitchen

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