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A Membership Community for Cultivating Confidence and Connection in the Kitchen

Our community and membership, Border Park Kitchen Collective, was created in response to the many cooking and food-related questions mums have asked me. It’s where I share our family’s food journey – the good, and not-so-good bits.

Even after being a Mum for 18 years, I’m continuing to discover new, simple tweaks that take the stress out of mealtimes. Tips that make meal planning and preparation quicker and easier. And on the good days, when I remember, I implement them! 

Easy Ways to Plan, Prepare and Cook Your Meals

In a time of fast food and even faster living, it’s easy to be swept away by the pace of life. 

Through the Border Park Kitchen Collective, it’s my desire for your kitchen to become a safe haven. 

I want to help you create an environment that’s enjoyable and where preparing meals feels like a relief from the world rather than something else on your to-do list. 

I share all the resources you’ll need to learn easy ways to plan, prepare and cook your meals, and build up your confidence in the kitchen.

Small, Actionable Steps

In my experience, I’ve found it’s more sustainable to make small changes over time, rather than take one big step that can end up feeling ‘heavy’ and unrealistic (and with you being more discouraged than when you started). 

I’ve purposefully designed each membership resource to be a quick read, with a focus on simple, actionable advice you can implement immediately.  

In the membership Collective, as well as sharing my whole food journey, you will have access to a growing library of resources to help you overcome common kitchen and food struggles, including how to –

  • Maximise your time in the kitchen so you can have more time to relax
  • Plan your storage spaces so you’ve always got the ingredients you need on hand
  • Bolster the nutritional content of food to nourish your family
  • Substitute ingredients so you can easily cater for food intolerances 
  • Cook in bulk to maximise efficiency
  • Minimise food waste to save money

It’s Always Easier with Friends

It can be lonely and daunting making changes on your own. So instead, let’s do it together! 

Border Park Kitchen Collective offers you a beautiful community of new friends. Inside, there are other Mums just like you. They likely have the very same food-related questions and struggles as you do. Mums who are also negotiating food changes in their families.

Don’t you think it would be way more fun to be part of a community where we can empathise with others, and celebrate the small (and big) wins together?

So why not join us, and watch your confidence in the kitchen flourish?

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