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Cooking Tips: How Using them Can Help You Become a Confident Cook

Let’s face it. Cooking for your family is not an easy task.

Many Mums have shared that it feels like a lonely and relentless task, one they get little thanks for. While I empathise, this also makes me feel a little sad. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Through my workshops and membership community Border Park Kitchen Collective, I’ll provide you the tools – including cooking tips, strategies, simple recipes and a supportive environment, as you cook for your family.  

From experience, I am convinced:

  • Your kitchen can become a place of contentment and delight
  • Simple, wholesome meals can be quick and energising to prepare (forget feeling drained and time-poor!)
  • Cooking can become a place of connection, joy and inspiration
  • You and your family’s health and wellbeing can be prioritised without stress, guilt or anguish

And the beauty is, achieving these things for you and your family isn’t as hard as you may think. It may sound simplistic, but by using my useful cooking tips, all of these ‘ideals’ are possible.  

Together, let’s transform cooking from a dreaded task to an enjoyable and purposeful way to love and spend time with your family.

Squeezing lemon juice over a salad | Border Park Kitchen

Many years ago, I was blessed to observe and work alongside Peri in her kitchen. She taught me helpful skills like cooking in bulk, so that there is always something on hand for hungry children or people stopping in, how to have a well-stocked pantry and purchase pantry staples and ingredients from wholesale accounts to save money and still be able to afford healthy food. She is also the master of stretching a meal out to feed a large family or unexpected guests!

Peri’s knowledge, wisdom and experience in how to cook healthy, DELICIOUS and budget friendly meals has been a key foundation in principles that I now implement many years later with my own family! She is an absolute inspiration and blessing and I am so grateful for the many years I had to learn from her example.

– Erin L. | Mum of 3

The Sweet Spot Where Meal Prep, Recipes and Cooking Tips Meet

In my workshops and membership community Border Park Kitchen Collective, I’ll guide you through my tried and tested approach to meal preparation. You’ll learn how the key component – the seemingly endless task of preparing meals easier.

Along with learning to cook nourishing, wholesome meals, you’ll also learn how to manage your kitchen holistically, including budgeting, building in flavour and minimising waste.

I will come alongside you as we work step-by-step to remove overwhelm and cultivate genuine,   lasting change in the way you spend time in your kitchen.

Last year we had the joy of cooking with Peri in her lovely country kitchen! It was enlightening to hear her thoughts on many things I thought I already knew about… basic things like soaking brown rice overnight adds SO much to the nutritional value, to care for knives, and other useful cooking tips on how to add nutritional value to our existing food, what and why to buy organic. Her food was DELICIOUS and healthy too!

– Jen K. | Mum of 7

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a moment for yourself and learn some new skills, including my exclusive, helpful cooking tips. I’ll show you how to increase your efficiency and enjoyment so you can create traditions of health and wellness to pass onto your children.

Why not join the waiting list for my upcoming workshop, gather a collection of simple cooking tips, and gain the confidence you long for in the kitchen?

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Keen to Learn More?

I’m continually adding more practical resources and simple cooking tips, so return home to see all Border Park Kitchen has to offer. All I offer comes from a desire to save you time and money and eliminate mealtime stress.

If you’re needing dinner inspiration, browse my Recipe section, where you’ll discover simple, family-friendly meals.

To help you become a more prepared and confident cook, grab my free resource, 5 Mealtime Hacks You Won’t Find in any Recipe. You’ll be able to implement my practical cooking tips immediately 😊

If you have any questions about my workshops or membership, or you need a cooking tip for a specific issue (my latest request was for tips to prevent tears while cutting onions!), please get in touch. I’d love to support and cheer you on as you cook for your family.

Peri x

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