Nutritious Meals

Nutritious Meals: Simple Meals for When You’re Too Tired to Cook

I’m a self-confessed lazy cook who also happens to enjoy nutritious meals. Yes, I realise this sounds like an oxymoron, but stick with me ….  

By lazy, I mean that if there’s a quicker or smarter way to do something, particularly when it comes to meal prep, then I’ll always go for this option. (I’m fairly sure every other Mum also wants this!) I believe that Kendra Adachi would describe us all as ‘Lazy Geniuses’ 😉

So, you may be like me and enjoy good food and pottering in the kitchen, or you may find cooking more of an essential chore that you’d rather avoid.

Either way, I am so glad you’re here! You’re among lazy genius friends ♥


Feeding A Family is an Act of Love

Every Mum desires to provide nutritious meals for her family. Wholesome foods that nourish, comfort and strengthen.

But let’s face it, despite the obvious benefits, cooking for our family is also hard. It requires determination, perseverance, and often a thick skin when our some of our meals aren’t appreciated.

I, too, at times have felt overwhelmed cooking for our family of 9. I’ve become discouraged, unmotivated and severely lacking in creativity. We’ve eaten breakfast for dinner many times because most of the recipes I had took way more time and energy than I had.

Eating Nutritious Meals Doesn’t Mean …

These days we’re bombarded by gorgeous images of spectacular meals, beautifully plated and made to look alluring by successful cookbook authors, stylists and photographers.

But realistically, no one has time to consistently plan, prepare and plate up food like that. And especially not Mums.   

I don’t want you to slave over recipes that are complicated or take hours to prepare. That’s why you won’t find me advocating:

X Recipes with 12 or more ingredients
X Fancy, one-off ingredients that are expensive and faddish
X Instructions that are ambiguous and hard to follow
X Methods that require you to use most of the pots, pans and bowls you own
X Reliance on shop-bought ingredients that are easily made at home and usually contain questionable ingredients
X Requirements for fancy equipment like a Thermomix (although we own one) – we’ll always give another suggestion for how to achieve the same results.

There are easier ways to get nutritious meals on the table without needing 19 ingredients or a complicated set of instructions to follow.

So, forget striving for Pinterest-worthy meals – let’s aim for foods that nourish and bring us joy ♥  #embracethereal

Let me show you how….

Latest Recipes

Nutritious Meals that are Easy (and Family-Approved)

After many years of trial and error (and making more than 6,500 dinners!), I can now routinely pull together easy, nutritious dinners for our family.


I stumbled upon a simple two-fold solution: I prepare the foods our family enjoys, but in the most efficient way.

Yep – I told you it was simple!

Knowing this approach was one thing, but purposely focusing and acting on both elements has made a world of difference to our mealtimes.

I truly want this freedom and confidence for every Mum (including you!). I want you to feel inspired and purposeful in the kitchen.


My focus is on recipes that can be prepared by real families, living real lives.

It’s my prayer that my simple recipes, when paired with the tips and techniques I share, will leave you eager to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for your family.

Nutritious Meals that are Bursting with Flavour

The recipes I share on Border Park Kitchen feature low-effort, high-impact affordable ingredients. That way we’re able to enjoy both nourishing and flavoursome meals.

Here’s what to expect from my recipes:

  • Real food recipes perfect for real (busy) families
  • A focus on fresh, whole foods – with inclusions of meat, fish, eggs, carbs, dairy, gluten and nuts – but often with substitutions given
  • Simple ingredients that can be purchased from your local (or online) grocery shop, market or health food shop
  • 12 ingredients or less per recipe (my sweet spot is 8 ingredients!)
  • Suggestions on how to prepare ingredients so you extract maximum goodness
  • Simple instructions (without assuming you know all the cooking terms or techniques)
  • Minimal equipment needed
  • Minimal washing up at the end

But I won’t stop there! To help you really succeed, and to reignite your passion for creating wholesome, easy and nutritious meals, I’ll be sharing my personal tips and strategies that will equip you to cook with confidence. Even when life becomes impossibly busy. #reallife

Experimenting really is the best way to build up your cooking muscle. Will you join me and give it a go?

Peri x

PS. You’ll notice that I feature Mexican dishes too. This is because my hubby is half Mexican, and we love to eat the foods from his childhood! Besides, who doesn’t love corn chips, guacamole and tonnes of cheese?!

Ready to Take a (Practical) Step Forward?

Now that you know where to find a stash of recipes for healthy, nutritious meals, do you fancy learning some shortcuts and secret techniques to make them suitable for real families?

I’ve love for you to download my FREE resource, 5 Mealtime Hacks You Won’t Find in Any Recipe. It’s full of practical ideas that you can start using this week simply by tweaking what you’re already doing!

If hearing about my lazy, yet ‘doable’ approach to cooking has inspired you, I have one more tool for you. Perhaps you’re tired of meal prep taking too long, or find there aren’t enough hours in the day to cook nutritious breakfasts, lunches or dinners? If so, then I encourage you to join the waiting list for my upcoming workshop. I’m busily compiling some of my best strategies and shortcuts, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you have any questions about ingredient swaps, or how to prepare economical, easy nutritious meals, please get in touch. I’d love to support and cheer you on as you cook for your family.

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