Cooking for Busy Mums: Master Meal Prep with Time & Energy to Spare

Are you a busy mum who craves new ideas for nutritious meals that are quick and easy to prepare? 

Do you struggle with cooking tasty, economical dinners on top of balancing the needs of your family? 

Need a little help so you can enjoy, not dread your time in the kitchen?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

As a Mum of 7 who helps run our family farm while homeschooling our kids, I know just how challenging it is to maintain a household and prepare nourishing meals for your family.

We’ve all been there – we’re short on time, low on energy (well totally exhausted in fact) and lacking inspiration, yet we’ve got a hungry family looking to us to provide their next meal.

This is the reason why I created Border Park Kitchen – to help us busy working Mums make our time in the kitchen quicker, easier and more enjoyable!

It’s my desire to stand beside and cheer you on as you nourish your family with simple, wholesome food.

Peri McIntosh | Mentor at Border Park Kitchen

Cooking for Busy Mums: Gain Confidence and Purpose

Dicing onions ready for dinner | Border Park Kitchen

Being ‘head chef’ of our family of 9 hasn’t always been easy.

Just like you, my kitchen skills (and patience) have been stretched, my motivation has often dwindled, and I’ve had some epic failures (like
mistakenly using custard powder to thicken a curry!).

But despite this, I’ve some made amazing discoveries and developed a greater desire to feed our family in a way that helps us thrive.

While I may be further down the path than you, I want to reassure you that:

you CAN nourish your family and enjoy the process, even if cooking isn’t your idea of fun

you CAN eat nutritious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

Food is a beautiful way to unite a family. And it is possible for us Mums to enjoy the role of nurturing our loved ones and to feel content doing so.

Let me encourage you to take the first step. Join the waiting list for my upcoming workshop and be confident knowing that you’re not alone as you raise your family with simple, wholesome meals.

Throughout this online training, I’ll be sharing:

✓ the simple 4-step system for finding time to cook (without exhausting yourself)
✓ how I use an array of simple cooking tips and techniques to maximise my time and enjoyment in the kitchen
✓ exclusive recipes for busy mums (the very same ones I serve to our family)

If I were to briefly describe the culinary delights that come from Peri’s kitchen I would say “Healthy, Variety, Delicious”. There’s a lot to learn, and inspiration to be gained from spending time with Peri in her kitchen. Her passion, knowledge, and skill all come together to make the simplest ingredients a gourmet treat. And best of all, you always know it’s good for you!

– Heidi M. | Mum of 3 (and a babe in heaven)

and more . . .

Real Recipes Designed Especially for Busy Mums

I’m going to share a secret …

I’m addicted to collecting recipes. I’d just as soon read a cookbook as a novel 😉

OK, this might not be that surprising to learn, especially as I love eating and sharing food. But what you might find hard to believe is that I end up using very few of the recipes I read.

Yep, that’s right. Even though I hungrily ‘devour’ each dish with my eyes, knowing that I’d enjoy the flavours, I don’t cook many of them.


Sadly, a huge percentage of the recipes that flood the market are not designed for busy working Mums. Our kids are hungry – like right now, there are too many steps, and many featured ingredients are too expensive or not available.   

The lack of suitable recipes has led me to spend hundreds of hours searching for options, tweaking, simplifying and substituting ingredients to suit the needs of our family. It is these recipes that I share on Border Park Kitchen. Not only are they all quick and easy to pull together, they also feature practical suggestions to make sure you’re confident and the end result is delicious.

While I focus heavily on main meals, there are also a selection of dishes from breakfast right through to dessert. I encourage you to grab a cuppa and have a quick look now … who knows – you might find a recipe for tonight’s dinner 😊

Quick and Easy Mealtime Hacks

Like me, you might have more recipes than you’ll ever need in your lifetime. Unfortunately having this many recipes at our fingertips doesn’t make it any easier to get dinner on the table every night. In fact, it’s possible that our decision is complicated by having too many. In my experience, recipes are only part of the answer to the dreaded “what’s for dinner” dilemma we frequently find ourselves in. To truly help make your role as home chef easier, you also need the tips and techniques that most recipes don’t provide. The hidden secrets that pro chefs use to ensure your meals are speedily served, without stress. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to kitchen cooking tips. And since becoming a Mum, it’s become even more important that I’m savvy with my time, money and energy. So, I’ve researched and refined methods, and as a result, I’ve built up an arsenal of practical suggestions and shortcuts. Every day I draw on these and can honestly say I’d be lost without them. That’s why I’d love you to download my free resource 5 Mealtime Hacks You Won’t Find in any Recipe. This contains a selection of exclusive hints which will help save you time and cut food waste. But more importantly, they’ll enable you to develop a greater sense of confidence, purpose and fulfilment in your kitchen.

Every kitchen needs time saving hacks

Peri has inspired me to truly slow down and savour my time in the kitchen and to create a warm, welcoming and inviting ‘heart of the home’.
I have learnt so much about the benefits of having the right kitchen ‘tools’ and she has expanded my knowledge about healthy, nutritious and healing foods and ways of cooking.
Peri is an absolute wealth of knowledge, her passion is contagious and her love of food, people and relationships built while doing it all is truly beautiful.

– Naomi M. | Mum of 6

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Have a Question or Like some Practical Help?

Whether you’re a beginner cook, a housewife or a working Mum, grab my free resource, 5 Mealtime Hacks You Won’t Find in any Recipe. It’s full of practical ideas and inspiration, without adding extra to your workload. 

And if you’re struggling to find time to cook for your family, I encourage you to join the waiting list for my upcoming workshop. I’m busily compiling some of my best strategies and shortcuts, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you have any questions about food prep, or how to keep your meals simple but delicious, please get in touch. I’d love to support and cheer you on as you cook for your family. 

Peri x

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