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When your cooked corned beef (silverside) is too salty…

The Situation

You’re ready to serve your corned beef, but it’s way too salty

Option #1

Once your corned beef is cooked, there’s no use soaking it to draw out the extra salt. Instead, try serving it with a white sauce, or with vegies that aren’t salted.

Option #2

If you’re short on time, mix 1 – 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice with ½ tsp coconut sugar. Drizzle over the meat. But don’t be too heavy-handed with this ‘lemon glaze’, because the last thing you want is your meat tasting overly sour.

Option #3

If you’d rather a creamy sauce, mix ½ cup sour cream with 1 – 2 tsp wholegrain mustard. Serve on the side.

Why it/they work

A white sauce is traditionally served with corned beef because it’s creamy, mild flavour complements the salty meat. It also adds moisture, as most cuts that are corned are very lean, and tend to dry out quickly. Adding an acid (like lemon juice or prepared wholegrain mustard) doesn’t remove the salt from the meat. Instead, it helps counterbalance the intense, salty flavours by neutralising them a little.

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